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We help businesses implement energy efficient lighting with free start to finish technical assistance.

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We provide a free solar assessment of your commercial or residential property and help you with installation.

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We offer free home improvements for low income residents in the Bay Area.

Are You STEM-Aware?

On Thursday, April 27, more than 200 students from high schools in Berkeley, Emeryville, Oakland, and Richmond took part in the 6th Annual East Bay STEM Career Awareness Day in West Berkeley. Industry, academia, nonprofits like CESC, and local government … Continue reading

Energize Richmond!

“This program has been great; we have new bright lights and better motors in the cooler—all for free!” -Anees Ali,  U.S. Liquor and Market Twenty-third Street in Richmond holds many great restaurants and small businesses serving the predominantly Spanish-speaking community … Continue reading


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Turn off office equipment such as: computers, monitors, copy machines, and printers when not in use, including each night and on weekends. Also make sure to turn off desk lamps, desk fans, and coffee machines. Check cubicles to make sure “personal” heaters are turned off. These small heaters are often left on by accident and, surprisingly, represent a significant winter electric load in office buildings.