Community Energy Services Corporation
Smart Lights

Office with SmartLights

We help businesses implement energy efficient lighting with free start to finish technical assistance.

Smart Solar

Home with Solar Panels

We provide a free solar assessment of your commercial or residential property and help you with installation.

Home Repair

Mario Repairing Stair Railing

We offer free home improvements for low income residents in the Bay Area.

Leading the Way in 2015 . . . and into 2016

As a member of the CESC community, you probably want to know what we have been accomplishing lately. Check out our 2015 annual report. In it you’ll see that in 2015 we helped small- and medium-sized businesses in Alameda, Contra … Continue reading

Killing Those Watts

by Janet Stephens I’ve always been interested in saving energy, first in order to save money and second to reduce my impact on the environment. Over the years I have invested in energy-efficient appliances and compact fluorescent light bulbs, and … Continue reading


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Install an Energy Star labeled programmable thermostat with a locking cover to prevent tampering.