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Go Green in West Oakland!

West Oakland has been known more for pollution and dirty air than sustainability efforts. Community leaders are currently fighting a proposed deal to ship coal by rail through a new terminal project.

Good things are happening too, and now CESC is participating in a project to make an environmental impact in this community!

Through a partnership with the Alameda County Green Business program, the West Oakland Commerce Association, and funding from the US EPA, Region 9, Green West Oakland is here for West Oakland businesses!

Large or small, Green West Oakland staff will help businesses save from $100 to $5000 per year on operating costs through on-site assessments, technical assistance, and rebates to complete needed green upgrades. For these businesses, the lasting changes at their place of work will benefit their bottom line, their employees, and their community.  Savings most often result from energy and water efficiency, but also from reduced waste costs and improved staff health and productivity.  Green Businesses receive positive recognition; post the Green Business logo in your window, on your website, in your marketing material.

From the West Oakland-based, Certified Green Business Solstice Press, Gabrielle said, “As a green certified business, we are proud to be a part of a community that values preserving our environment.”

The California Green Business Network has certified over 3000 businesses in 2015, and will work with your business regardless of location; however this project has brought in extra resources to focus in West Oakland.

There is NO FEE to participate and special assistance is available now! Join the movement! www.smartlights.org

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