Energize Richmond!

“This program has been great; we have new bright lights and better motors in the cooler—all for free!”

-Anees Ali,  U.S. Liquor and Market

Twenty-third Street in Richmond holds many great restaurants and small businesses serving the predominantly Spanish-speaking community surrounding it. The Street’s Merchant’s Association is renowned for its annual Cinco de Mayo event each year, to be celebrated this year on Sunday, May 7.

The neighborhood is struggling, though, and needs all the support it can get. CESC is getting involved through a new campaign to help Richmond merchants save energy.

Energize Richmond is taking advantage of the small commercial program East Bay Energy Watch (EBEW), funded through PG&E and MCE, which helps businesses install new upgraded lighting and refrigeration equipment to become more energy efficient and reduce utility costs. The City of Richmond is supporting EBEW to increase small business participation by covering merchants’ costs through a City of Richmond grant from the Environmental and Community Investment Agreement (ECIA). Because of all the small businesses there, the East Bay Energy Watch and our partner contractors have been spending a lot of time on 23rd Street!

Through Energize Richmond, U.S. Liquor and Market has received new motors and controls for its refrigeration system and new LED lighting inside and out, improving the look of the store and brightening the exterior walkway for safety. More than 100 businesses will eventually participate, with 50 projects already under way. EBEW is distributing the funds on a first-come, first-served basis until the grant funds are distributed.

A nonprofit organization, CESC has delivered energy, environmental and home repair services to Bay Area residents since 1986. Funding from MCE and from EBEW, our commercial energy efficiency program, cover the administrative, marketing, and technical assistance for the campaign, with some rebates to help cover the project costs. The City of Richmond then helps by covering the small gap costs not covered by the rebates.

These energy-efficiency projects are now available at no cost to Richmond businesses! Through this great partnership, the smallest, most vulnerable business can now participate. Businesses can take control of their energy use, improve lighting for public safety, and become sustainable. CESC has been marketing this program through influential business groups like the Richmond Main Street Initiative.

“The Energize Richmond Campaign is a great resource for our businesses to improve their facilities and save money. We are happy to partner with CESC to publicize this great opportunity for Richmond Main Street property owners and businesses.”

—Amanda Elliott, Executive Director, Richmond Main Street Initiative

Do you know a business in Richmond that could benefit from a free energy assessment? Call EBEW today!