Home Repair Program

Our Home Repair Program provides free, high quality, major and minor home repairs to low income Berkeley and Contra Costa  residents. Our Home Repair Program in Oakland serves senior citizens age 50 and older.  Our services include: most plumbing, electrical and carpentry repairs, furnace and minor roof repairs, and the installation of safety features such as grab bars, handrails, and ramps.


Eligibility is based on annual income in relation to the number of residents in a home.  For renters, CESC is limited to installing safety features, as property owners are responsible for building maintenance.  Clients whose incomes are above the eligibility levels may still receive free labor if they pay for materials. Once we determine a client is eligible, we visit their home to note what repairs are needed, then schedule our crew to do the work.

Berkeley Annual Income Limits 2015

Number of Family Members 1 2 3 4
Maximum Annual Income $47,350 $54,100 $60,850 $67,600
Number of Family Members 5 6 7 8
Maximum Annual Income $73,050 $78,450 $83,850 $88,250

Contra Costa Annual Income Limits 2015

Number of Family Members 1 2 3 4
Maximum Annual Income $47,350 $54,100 $60,850 $67,600



Enrollment is easy!

1. Get your enrollment form either printed online or via email.
2. Fill out the forms.  Remember, we require proof of your income (and all other resident’s incomes) to verify your eligibility for this program. Proof includes a copy of the household’s income documents via tax returns, Social Security payments, pensions, etc.
3. Then mail, fax or email us your completed application packet of application and income documents.

Address: Home Repair Program
1013 Pardee Street, Suite 210
Berkeley, CA 94710
Fax: (510) 981-0102

If you have questions regarding this process, you may call us at 510.981.7752 or toll free at 888.436.3751

Please Note
The focus of our program is health and safety. For this reason, CESC does not do any cosmetic repairs (painting, carpet, linoleum, etc.).  In addition, there are certain services that may be beyond our budget or expertise such as: major electrical or plumbing, new roofs, appliances, heaters, or other costly items. If those are needed, we will help you find other options. The Alameda County Healthy Homes Department offers information, consultations, and lead hazard repair services. For more information visit www.achhd.org or call 510-567-8280. The City of Berkeley offers no interest loans to seniors and disabled homeowners that don’t have to be repaid until you leave your home. For more information, see the City of Berkeley website.